What Makes a Good Trader?

What separates good traders from bad traders? A good trader realizes that trading is patience, discipline, and requires a trading approach adapted to their specific psychological profile. A good trader concentrates on the PROCESS of trading, and not just on the result. Here’s a list of other things that good traders do: What Good Traders Do A good trader knows if they […]

How to Lose All the Money in Your Trading Account in 10 Days (or Less)

Do you want to learn how to make all the money you just deposited in your trading account quickly vanish? In 10 days or less? Here’s a step-by-step guide: Step 1: Buy a super expensive computer. Don’t forget to buy at least six 27” UltraHD 8K monitors and mount them all on a magnificent monitor stand so that you […]

The 5 Deadly O’s of Trading: What Traders Do To Guarantee Their Own Failure

Did you know that the five deadliest factors that cause traders to fail are self-inflicted? Many traders self-sabotage their own trading and may not even be aware they’re doing it. When their account goes to zero, they have nobody to blame but themselves. While it might be too late for these traders, fortunately, it’s not too late […]